Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The perfect brownie

The perfect brownie ... an overstatement? Can a simple treat like a brownie be perfect? Can something made by me be perfect?
I don´t know.
And I don´t care, either.
All I did was looking for a good headline to this entry ;-)

I think "perfect" isn´t a good word to describe something anyway - what seems perfect to me maybe a piece of "uh-oh" to you.
But this brownie was something very special (to the whole family) and so only a super-duper-cool adjective could fit to describe this chocolatey-gooey-sinfully rich piece of heaven.
Well, yeah .. I am a bit  dwelling on this, sorry. I have made a lot of different brownies in my life, but this recipe really kicked ass .. oups, sorry again ... will sweep you off your feet.
And I wasn´t even using those special ingredients the recipe called for. I don´t exactly know what would happen to my taste buds if I really had Muscovado and more dark chocolate...

Ok, here we go .. I am sure you are totally interested in these fabulous brownies by now.

At first I would like to recommend you reading Palachinka - a very interesting blog with lots of great recipes.
This blog was where I found a picture of "Muscovado Brownies" and suddenly I felt the urge to bake these delicious looking brown squares from heaven.
I was afraid of baking them without the most important ingredient - Muscovado (brown sugar), but Marija (of Palachinka) said in the comments on her entry, that you can substitute it with your average brown sugar you have at home.
Yay ^_^
So I decided to bake them (spontaneously) and it was a success! Half of the baking tray was gone within an hour after finishing and the leftovers were gone the next day.
We all loved the smooth texture and the brilliant taste. The only negative point was the icing - because I didn´t have any dark chocolate anymore :-(
I had to use milk chocolate and so the icing became a bit too sweet. Next time I will make sure that I have enough dark chocolate...

Ok, after waiting several minutes while reading my never ending wall of text .. you have reached the target: here comes the recipe!

- 200g dark chocolate
- 200g butter
- 2 tablespoons strong coffee
- 100g brown sugar (dark muscovado recommended, but no necessity)
- 4 eggs (separated)
- 35g flour
- a pinch of salt

Additional ingredients (icing):
- 35g brown sugar (muscovado)
- 1 tablespoon heavy cream
- 60g dark chocolate
- 60g butter
(- roasted nuts for sprinkling over the icing ... if desired)

Prepare a small pan for the batter (grease it and the dust some flour over it). 
Preheat your oven to 180°.
Beat the egg whites until stiff.
Melt chocolate, butter and coffee in a pot over medium heat. Stir in half of the sugar.
Beat the egg yolks with the other half of the sugar and stir in the chocolate mix.
Mix flour and salt, then mix it into the chocolate batter.
Stir in the beaten egg whites and pour the whole batter into the pan.
Bake for about 30-40 minutes (depends on your oven).

Preparing the icing 
Melt all ingredients (except the nuts) in a pot over medium heat. Keep stirring until it is a smooth mass.
Pour icing over the brownie  (sprinkle the nuts on top) and let it set over night.
It´s that easy.
It´s that good.
It´s the perfect brownie.


  1. I am very glad you like the brownies. Thank you so much for trying out the recipe!



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