Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome to 2011

*carefully wipes off the cobwebs from the blog*
So, it´s been a long time since you have heard from me. Well, if you ask me - I´d say it was just a few days. But no. A bit more, actually.
It is not that I have lost interest in blogging or baking. No way. This was just the first christmas with a huge family to think about I had to handle somehow. I have learned a lot for next year´s .. oups .. this year´s christmas anyway.
Though this doesn´t help me to hand in all the entries about christmas baking, decorating and stuff to you that I could have written.
There was just no time left. Baking, decorating, buying presents, wrapping them, having guests, making visit, making phone calls, cleaning and caring for a two year old tomboy ...
(This is a picture of all the cookies I made in 2010 - for christmas. You see, it was lots of work to do and hopefully understand my lack of time for blogging.
Yes, each container is filled with cookies - different cookies, mostly ...)

I am pretty sure I can handle this year´s christmas a lot better - and I am sure that I will have time to blog.
Just forget about 2010 :-) Pretty please?

Let us start into a wonderful year 2011 with lots of baking and fun and blogging and sunshine and candy and laughter and and and .........


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