Monday, January 17, 2011

Brownies - S'mores Style

This treat was made long ago in 2010. I stumbled over a post at "Grin and bake it" once - there was a beautiful picture of a "s'mores brownie" that totally made me drool.
There was no other choice .. I had to bake them!

Doesn´t it look sinful, gooey and just good?

I won´t give you a full recipe this time - just use your favorite brownie recipe or a brownie mix :-)
In addition you will need:
Graham Crackers ( I know .. the picture does not show real Graham Crackers .. but I haven´t found them in Germany yet. These cookies/crackers/biscuits are called "Butterkekse" and I use them as a substitute for Graham Crackers.)
Marshmallows (The picture shows quite big ones .. but I guess using small ones is the better choice.)
 Chocolate chips :-)
Back your brownies for 15-20 minutes.
Crush your crackers and add them to the brownies. Repeat with marshmallows and chocolate chips.
Give them another 10-15 minutes in the oven.
Looks great ...
Remove baking frame and enjoy.
Well, try to, at least. I must admit that I wasn´t completely satisfied with these brownies. They are very very sinful, so you don´t want to eat more than a little slice of it.
And since they are best when eaten warm, you will need a lot of people around you to give away this treat or else you will end up with lots of brownie slices no one wants to eat anymore.
Slicing them was a drama of its own, by the way.
Marshmallows on top means gooey. Gooooooey. Perfect for eating but a nightmare for cutting. The melted mallows will stick to your knife and the baking frame and the piece you have cut will look all messy :-(
It was a fun treat to bake and eat, but I won´t do this again.
I don´t want to be rude anyway. It is a very creative and clever idea and it is fun to bake! So, if you love S'mores and brownies .. why not trying to combine them? :-)


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