Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bake it in a cake - Special # 01

What about another blog entry in english today? Way to go.
This entry was waiting for a long long time to be written - I have made these cupcakes back in 2010 and I can´t even remember the month anymore.
These cupcakes were inspired by a very unique blog, "Bake it in a cake" (Link inside).
The idea: to provide creative inspirations for little surprises hidden in cupcakes.

For example:
- small homemade pies hidden in cupcakes
- a gingerbread man hidden
- Raffaello candy ball hidden
- etc.

Interesting ideas for toppings/frostings included.

A lot of entries base on the ideas of the creator, Megan. But she also offers her visitors to send her pictures and stories about their own "bake it in a cake" experiments.
I think that is kind und quite cool - the content of the website is so big already you have to sit down for several hours to browse through it (if you are really reading, of course).

So, I have decided to bake something in a cake, too. Nothing special, anyway. It was time to think about christmas and christmas means a lot of Dominosteine in our home.
Uhm, what is that?
I don´t know if they are popular in any way in other countries than in Germany.
Just image small cubes with 3 layers: soft gingerbread, jelly und marzipan covered in chocolate.
That´s Dominosteine.
You can see the layers in the following picture:
So, what I did was basically preparing batter for chocolate cupcakes (just take your favorite recipe or a cake mix) and adding a Dominostein per cupcake before I poured in the batter.
After cooling I simply made a chocolate topping and sprinkled them with funfetti or sugar pearls.
I know that this is nothing spectacular. But it way tasty and good looking ^.^ I am looking for another inspiration which may be way cooler than this first one.
But anyways .. it was a nice experience and very enjoyable.
Yay for Bake it in a cake!


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